Community & Sustainability

Mirabela is committed to being a good corporate citizen and recognises the integral role it plays in the life of its employees and the local community as well as the surrounding environment.

Our workforce

Mirabela employs approximately 850 employees and is one of the largest employers in the region. Almost 100% of Mirabela’s employees in Brazil are Brazilian nationals, with the majority recruited from nearby communities.

As an employer, the company is committed to its equal opportunity program, which focuses on the employment of people with disabilities through a program of social inclusion.

Training and development are considered a priority and as such the company invests heavily in an apprenticeship program aimed at the ongoing building and improvement of capability within the workforce.

Being the major employer in the region, Mirabela aims to make a long term and sustainable difference to the lives of the company’s employees, their families and members of the local community.

Health and safety

Mirabela is committed to fostering a culture where safety is a universal priority.

The Company has a dedicated team of health and safety professionals who support safe practice right across the business through collaboration with internal and external stakeholders on the implementation of regular safety training, accident prevention and safety improvement programs.

Since commencing operations in late 2009, Santa Rita’s safety performance has been excellent by industry standards. The LTIFR for 2010 was 1.1, which is a great accomplishment in light of the workforce expanding by 50%. This performance has continued during 2011, despite the presence of a large number of construction contractors constructing the 7.2 Mtpa plant upgrade.

MIrabela successfully implemented a Zero Accident Prevention (ZAP) program towards the end of 2010 to drive continuous improvement in safety performance and awareness.


Mirabela is committed to preserving the bio-physical environment in which it operates for future generations.  Throughout the development and ramp up of operations at Santa Rita, maintaining biodiversity and preserving the environment has been a primary concern.

Mirabela is currently in compliance with all of its 2011 operating licence requirements and has had no reportable environmental incidents since the licence was issued in December 2006.

Mirabela’s environmental management program focuses on five key areas; air quality, water, noise, waste, and flora and fauna monitoring.

Initiatives include:

  • actions to control noise to the area of direct mine influence and to reduce noise and vibration to neighbouring farms located in the Japomirim district and Ipiaú municipality
  • improvements to air quality through the use of water trucks on the access and mining areas
  • monitoring the water quality of the aquatic ecosystems in the mining area
  • developing waste management facilities and monitoring
  • protection and conservation of the Atlantic forest fragments in the mine area
  • rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of fauna


With future rehabilitation in mind, Mirabela is undertaking programs today that will assist in the revegetation of the future. Native forest seeds and seedlings are being cultivated in collaboration with external stakeholders.

To promote transparency of compliance, Mirabela is periodically monitored by the Environment Institute, IMA. In addition, Mirabela also participates in the audits of the Technical Environmental Guarantee Commission.



Mirabela is a proud member of the local community and the Santa Rita Operation receives strong support from the community, as well as regional, state and federal governments. Mirabela is currently the only nickel producer in the state of Bahia.

Mirabela enjoys an open dialogue with stakeholders. This is facilitated by initiatives such as the Mirabela Monitoring Committee which provides a platform for the community to present concerns, as well as the Beautiful Mine program that enables members of the community to observe operations on a fortnightly basis.

As an active member of the community, Mirabela contributes to regional development by way of pass-through taxes, donations and in-kind assistance. The Company’s community investment policy provides for those areas of the community that require most support; education, health and public safety.

Mirabela’s corporate social responsibilities extend beyond sponsorships and donations. The Company develops and participates in a series of events and activities, with the aim of building capacity in the local community.

In addition, Mirabela is building capacity in local communities through a Sustainable Actions program which aims to develop skills for potential employment at the Santa Rita Operation as well as to support other regional sustainable businesses such as agriculture. A series of initiatives are underway to improve local farming practices, increase the marketability of local artisans, provide young people with an opportunity to learn a craft and support child sport development.

In 2011 Mirabela is expanding its community program to include intern and apprentice programs as well, which will broaden the development of the community’s skill base.